Kerrie sells EWW $61.57: Traders Recap - LyondellBasell Industries NV (NYSE:LYB), iShares MSCI ...

Traders Recap - LyondellBasell Industries NV (NYSE:LYB), iShares MSCI ... SBWire (press release) - Aug 26, 2013 Today our focus is on: LyondellBasell Industries NV (NYSE:LYB), iShares MSCI Mexico Inv. Mt. Idx. (ETF)(NYSEARCA:EWW), McGraw Hill Financial Inc ... (more)

Lawanna sold EWW.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
30.8.13              ---- 444190061.5861.8260.94 61.57
29.8.13             ----- 387270061.2762.0060.71 61.16
28.8.13            ----   229930062.0062.6161.28 61.40
27.8.13            --- -- 526190062.3162.7161.79 62.48
26.8.13        ----     - 304020065.4265.4263.32 63.62
23.8.13       ---         205060065.2465.7564.59 65.17
22.8.13       ----        199730065.0965.8064.23 64.85
21.8.13       ---       - 344940065.5966.0564.71 64.75
20.8.13     ---         - 253740065.5666.8265.51 66.58
19.8.13     ---         - 271130067.0867.1365.51 65.70
16.8.13   ---           - 251580067.8868.2067.00 67.26
15.8.13   --            - 280550068.2368.3767.47 68.00
14.8.13 --             -- 398410068.7969.8068.73 69.20
13.8.13  --             - 286330068.8269.0668.34 68.94
12.8.13 --             -- 429140069.9570.6368.69 69.03
9.8.13 -                 207210069.8570.3369.51 70.02
8.8.13 --              - 283650069.4170.4969.15 70.28
7.8.13  --            -- 410300068.5369.0768.30 68.82
6.8.13  ---            - 306790068.8568.9667.91 68.81
5.8.13  --             - 280230069.0269.0968.44 68.72

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iShares MSCI Mexico Inv. Mt. Idx. (ETF) (EWW): Mexico To Liberalize Oil Industry Seeking Alpha - Aug 12, 2013 President Enrique Peña Nieto will take a leaf out of the history books when he reveals a long-awaited energy reform this week that aims to attrac ... (more)
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