Serena sells COLE $11.04: Traders Watch list: CNO Financial Group Inc (NYSE:CNO), Cole Real Estate ...

Traders Watch list: CNO Financial Group Inc (NYSE:CNO), Cole Real Estate ... Techsonian - 13 hours ago Lewes, Delaware– August 30, 2013 - (Tech Sonian) - LeadingStockAlerts is a financial marketing firm that specializes in assisting the underserved small ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
30.8.13          ---     -- 842450011.1011.1111.00 11.04
29.8.13          ---      - 673780011.0011.1210.99 11.12
28.8.13           -----  -- 949740010.9011.0610.84 11.06
27.8.13         -------   - 652190011.0711.1710.81 11.00
26.8.13        ----       - 673430011.0511.2411.05 11.17
23.8.13         ---       - 626490011.0611.1711.04 11.12
22.8.13       -----       - 605200011.1911.2811.04 11.12
21.8.13     ------     ---- 1940430011.3011.3911.12 11.19
20.8.13  -------       ---- 2046270011.2211.5311.22 11.33
19.8.13     -------     --- 1360910011.0611.4011.05 11.30
16.8.13   ----------------- 2768020011.1011.5210.82 11.22
15.8.13     ----          - 771120011.3211.3611.23 11.29
14.8.13 --------            476790011.6011.6011.23 11.36
13.8.13     ----          - 554730011.2511.3911.23 11.36
12.8.13      ---            463760011.2211.3411.21 11.30
9.8.13     ----            414420011.2611.3911.20 11.29
8.8.13   -----           - 552340011.3611.5011.27 11.36
7.8.13   ------         -- 986880011.3911.4811.21 11.43
6.8.13 --------        --- 1331490011.3611.7011.23 11.40
5.8.13    ----------   --- 1637040011.0311.4610.93 11.45

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Investor's Alert: Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (ADR)(NYSE:SID), Arch Coal ... Techsonian - 15 hours ago Lewes, Delaware– August 28, 2013 - (Tech Sonian) - LeadingStockAlerts is a financial marketing firm that specializes in assisting the underserve ... (more)
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Cole Real Estate Investments, Inc. (COLE) Ex-Dividend Date Scheduled for ... NASDAQ - 8 hours ago Cole Real Estate Investments, Inc. ( COLE ) will begin trading ex-dividend on August 28, 2013. A cash dividend payment of $0.06 per share is scheduled to be p ... (more)
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