Dennise sells COL $70: Rockwell Collins Backs FY13 Earnings Forecast Below View; Issues FY14 ...

Rockwell Collins Backs FY13 Earnings Forecast Below View; Issues FY14 ... RTT News - 16 hours ago Communications and aviation electronics maker Rockwell Collins Inc. (COL: Quote) Friday reaffirmed its fiscal year 2013 guidance, with earnings expected to be ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13       -------------- 284440072.3072.5969.19 70.00
19.9.13 ---                - 73670074.0675.0574.06 74.28
18.9.13  -----            -- 104163074.2774.5973.13 73.99
17.9.13  ----                43970073.5874.5973.39 74.50
16.9.13    ----            - 61080073.0573.9172.71 73.67
13.9.13     ----             32530073.0073.1972.24 73.03
12.9.13     ----             40790072.4273.2872.41 72.79
11.9.13       ---            37320072.0872.7672.05 72.58
10.9.13        ---         - 58510071.9872.2871.65 71.97
9.9.13          --          49110071.2471.5671.13 71.40
6.9.13          -----       33780071.2371.5270.12 71.08
5.9.13          ---       - 64150071.1171.4770.89 71.12
4.9.13           ---      - 57680070.6171.2970.41 71.25
3.9.13         -----     -- 97400071.2071.9670.27 70.68
30.8.13         -----        39500071.6671.7070.56 70.77
29.8.13         ----         34520070.6371.7070.62 71.43
28.8.13           --         34270070.6771.2870.62 71.02
27.8.13         -----        42510071.4371.7570.50 70.66
26.8.13       ---            31330072.1672.5971.82 72.01
23.8.13        ---           36790071.6972.1271.58 72.03

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Rockwell Collins Reaffirms FY13 Outlook; Sees FY14 Below View - Quick Facts RTT News - 2 minutes ago Communications and aviation electronics maker Rockwell Collins Inc. (COL: Quote) said that it reaffirmed its fiscal year 2013 guidance, including sales of ... (more)
ROCKWELL COLLINS, INC. : Rockwell Collins Announces Financial Guidance ... (press release) - 19 minutes ago Rockwell Collins, Inc. (NYSE: COL) today announced guidance for fiscal year 2014. The company expects revenue between $4.5 billion and $4. ... (more)
Rockwell Collins Rating Lowered to Equal Weight at Barclays Capital (COL) WKRB News - 20 hours ago Rockwell Collins Inc. logo Barclays Capital downgraded shares of Rockwell Collins (NYSE:COL) from an overweight rating to an equal weight rating in a researc ... (more)
ROCKWELL COLLINS, INC. : Rockwell Collins signs long-term agreement with ... (press release) - Sep 17, 2013 17, 2013) - Rockwell Collins has signed a long-term service agreement with AAR for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of Rockwell Coll ... (more)
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