Twana sells GM $34.45: Renault COO Resigns after Hinting Intention to Seek GM's Top Post

Renault COO Resigns after Hinting Intention to Seek GM's Top Post ValueWalk - 4 hours ago By Marie Cabural. TEST3. Carlos Tavares, chief operating officer of Renault SA (EPA:RNO) resigned after publicly stating his intention to pursue the top post in U ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
29.8.13          -----  - 1055830033.8234.6933.81 34.45
28.8.13             --- - 911640033.5734.1633.50 33.92
27.8.13          ------ - 1190950034.4434.6133.62 33.69
26.8.13       ---       - 1083170035.0335.5234.85 34.92
23.8.13        --         748700035.1435.2234.86 35.06
22.8.13         --      - 957210034.6635.0534.65 34.99
21.8.13         ---     - 979860034.7834.9534.39 34.53
20.8.13         -----  -- 1376680034.5634.9134.05 34.79
19.8.13          --     - 921160034.5634.8334.42 34.49
16.8.13         ----    - 1249900034.5934.9134.18 34.38
15.8.13        ----    -- 2038470035.1735.1834.41 34.55
14.8.13    -----        - 1134150035.8436.0135.21 35.57
13.8.13    ---            714590036.2136.2135.59 35.84
12.8.13    ---            844180035.7636.1035.60 35.98
9.8.13   ----            770670035.9636.2735.70 36.02
8.8.13    ---         -- 1445760035.6136.1135.57 36.01
7.8.13    ----        -- 1940350036.0136.1035.43 35.48
6.8.13  ----           - 1348610036.4436.4935.96 35.96
5.8.13 --                715150037.0337.0536.65 36.75
2.8.13 ---             - 1191300036.4437.1836.34 36.95

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I am a single, non-smoking d/d free/sober female who is not in a relationship. All that's left is chocolate! I'm looking for a guy with a great sense of humor, banter-buddy potential and a good heart that's not terribly armored. Plus a dog would be nice. I lt3 dogs. if you want to exchange the pics , just mail me at MaryPhillips599 at G mail ... (more)

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